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About Söl’ring

Söl’ring is one of the North-Frisian dialects, spoken on an island called Sylt. (North of Germany, close at the border with Denmark) Unfortunately this language is dying and roughly spoken by 600 people. We as LearnFrisian want to do something about the situation, so that’s why you are having acces to Söl’ring content. Check it out! Eventually we would like to have it as a program on the website, but it’s costing a lot of time to develop to develop a program. So be patient 😉 Are you looking for specific words or do you want to have more information? You should have a look at this dictionary. (it is in German, the guy who made this possible is working on a English version)

Online Söl’ring Dictionary

Another option is his Instagram account; Nurdfriisk

~All credits to Tanno Hüttenrauch, the guy who made the dictionary and provided all the Söl’ring content. Together we will save this beautiful language! You want to support us or share something? Let us know!


Di Dreeng es en Jungen – The boy is a child

Dit Faamen es litj – The girl is small

Dü best en Man – You are a man

Jü es en Wüf – She is a woman

Di Hingst drinkt Weeter – The horse drinks water

Dit Faamen et Bruar – The girl eats bread

I sen Jungen – You are children

Di Wüf drinkt Weeter – The woman drinks water

Di Hingst es litj – The horse is small

Di Jungen sen litj – The children are small

Di Dreeng rent wech – The boy runs away

Best dü en Faamen? – Are you a girl?

Gurt en litj – Big and small/little

Dü brükst et – You use it

I sen en Man – You are a man

Dü en ik – You and I

Hi, Jü, Min – He, She, Mine

Min, Din – My, Your

Wat sket diar? – What happens there?

Brükst dü et? – Do you use it?

Naan, et ken ek – No, it cannot

Jaa, et ken – Yes, it can

Jü et Bruar – She eats bread

Ik sen en Faamen – I am a girl

Dit Weeter es riin – The water is clean

Bruar me Aast – Bread with cheese

Di Jungen spöli – The children play

Di Dreeng fent en Iartbiar – The boy finds a strawberry

I sen en Dreeng en en Faamen – You are a boy and a girl

En gurt friisk Hingst et Bruar – A big Frisian horse eats bread

Hi drinkt Weeter en et Bruar – He drinks water and eats bread

I iit Bruar me Aast – You eat bread with cheese

Di Hün wel niin Weeter – The dog does not want water

En litj Faamen – A little girl

Töhop ken wü ales aurwinj – Together we can handle everything

Natüürelk sket dü ek iin ön Sluat faal – Obviously you should not fall in the ditch

Töhop maaki wü Friisk weđer gurt – Together we make Frisian big again

Di Man wel niin Weeter haa – The man does not like water

Jü es mal ārig üp höm – She is really angry at him

Nemen wel sterev / Nemen wel sterewi – Nobody wants to die

Desjirem Websir es fuar altermaal frii – This website is free for everybody

Di Müür es fan Stiin / Di Müür es stiinen – The wall is made of stone

Hi kām metjens – He came immediately

Hur üp des Wārel heer hoken niin Iiten – Somewhere on/in this world, someone has no food

Ik sen hart tö Buurem feelen – I fell very hard on the ground

Hi ruan lungsom tüs – He ran slowly home

Dit Hüs es komplet dialbronen – The house is completely burnt down

Din Leewent tö lewin es mal wichtig- Living your life is really important

Ik haa et töfelig sen – I saw it by coincidence

Ön Junkens sjochst dü binai nönt – In the dark you almost see nothing