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How does LearnFrisian work?

LearnFrisian has a chapter system, which is built up in levels. The “basics” chapter functions as a “red-wire” throughout the whole program. By playing the basics chapter you will unlock side-chapters, which focus on one area. Eventually you can unlock different aspects of the program, like stories, rare words etcetera.
The questions are brought to you in multiple ways; multiple choice, free choice, connect boxes, listening to audiofiles and more.
The progress system is made in a challenging way, but still fun and helpful. When you’re going through the exercises you will see that audio-files have been added to support you. Those audio-files are recorded by us, there is no robotic voice involved.
You can also “hover” on certain words to make the question easier for you. You’ll recognize the words when you see them.
We added a leaderboard for the competitors among us, but playing the program as a casual player is not going to have any downsides.
We are not only trying to teach you the language, but we also want to tell something about the background, different ways of speaking Frisian and what’s going on. Not to mention, we also want to show how close Frisian is to English.

The Progress System

As mentioned before, the “Basics” chapter functions as a “Red wire” through the whole program. So by playing the “Basics” you will unlock step by step each chapter. In the early levels you will unlock the chapters “Word Practice” & “Great Small Words”. The content in these two chapters are no surprise. “Word Practice” is drilling the words you came across or will come across at the “Basics” chapter into your system. “Great Small Words” is more focused on the little but really important words. The questions will get more difficult by each level. You will start off with multiple choice questions and later on you actually have to write the words down.
There always will be an audio file to give you an idea of the expression. Keep replaying it to get used to the language. Eventually the audio file is going to be the actual question, so keep playing it! But be aware: always read the question in the blue box carefully. Don’t try to translate the audio file! Always focus on the given sentence beneath it.

The Point System

As you saw, there are many kind of questions and each kind of question gives their own Points. As a result all the awarded points will be multiplied by x7 on the end of a level, which will be the amount of points displayed in the Wrâld league. Here is a list of the amount of points which will be rewarded for each kind of question:
2p. Click on the correct answer with picture
3p. Click on the correct answer
3p. Click on the correct audiofile
3p. Write down the missing words
4p. Write down the correct translation
5p. Connect the correct translations (1p. each)
6p. Write down what’s been said (in the audiofile)
70p. Daily login
100p. Registration
We will try to expand the point system for you.