Why you should learn Frisian

Is more than 2000 years old

You can still find many old elements.

Spoken by Vikings

Just like the Scandinavian people, the Frisians in that time were "Vikings".

Closest language to English

Makes it really easy to learn and creates the opportunity to learn other languages faster.

Spoken by 400.000 people

Not many people speak it, which makes it unique, so you can use it as a secret language.

Opening a whole new world

Explore the rich history, myths, stories, points of view and culture.

Beautiful language

Harsh, but smooth. Many people say it's a mixture of German and English.

Why you should Learn Frisian here?

LearnFrisian is a free, fast and easy to use program made by real Frisians. You’ll have many kinds of questions, information, challenges, audio-files, a leaderboard, ranks, badges, no advertisements, no distractions and a lot of fun.

Free & Fast

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Made by real Frisians

We, the creators, are living in a small town somewhere in the beautiful Frisian lands.


Real talk

You can put everything into practice just as we bring it to you.


Real audiofiles

No robotic voice. It's recorded by us.


Easy to use

The interface has been created in a way that you will always have the overview.